One of Inida’s oldest sabhas, created in 1914 and gearing up to commemorate its centennial the following year. Mr. Cook, the collector, laid the cornerstone on January 12, 1935. Tamilnadu Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram – Chennai honoured Rasika Ranjana Sabha in 1974 for its efforts in supporting young dynamic creative persons in the arts

The Sabha hosts monthly drama, dance, and Carnatic music festivals, as well as Tamil Isai Vizha, and continues to provide more than 60 free performances to the city’s art-loving people each year.
It has its own drama team that performs a variety of social and historical plays across Tamilnadu.
The Carnatic Music Competitions, which take place every year in June and attract burgeoning talents from all over the country as well as young artists from outside, are our Sabha’s USP

Sabha’s President post was held by the following people:-
From 1914 to 1939 Sir. D. Desikachaari
From 1940 to 1944 Mr. R. Srinivasa Iyer
From 1944 to 1954 Mr. L.N.S. Mani
From 1954 to 1975 Padmabushan Mr. N. Ramasamy Iyer
From 1976 to 1980 Mr. V. Kunchithapatham
From 1980 to till date Dr.V.Jayapal

Sabha’s Hon Secretary post was held by the following people:-
From 1914 to 1954 Mr. F.G. Natesa Iyer
From 1955 to 1968 Mr. R. Radhakrishnan
From 1969 to 1997 Mr. L. Venkataraman
From 1997 to till date N.Sekar B.E., M.B.A

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