The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple in Thirupattur, Tamil Nadu, India, not far from Trichy. People who practise this religion think that by requesting the blessings of the Brahma and Brahmapureeswarar Shiva Temple in Tirupattur, they can change their destiny. Overwhelming pride in being the universe’s creator comes from the god Brahma. Brahma believed that because He was the creator’s supreme being, He was more powerful than Shiva.

Shiva was roused by Brahma’s arrogance, and he crushed his fifth head while cursing him for losing his ability to create.Brahma embarked on a journey of Shiva Temples to free himself from this curse.Brahma also visited this temple while on His journey, when He installed 12 Shiva Lingams surrounding Brahmapureeswarar and worshipped Shiva for a long period.