The old and famous Thalamalai Perumal Temple is located on a distinctive rock on the pinnacle of Thalaimalai Hill, 5 kilometres from Sevinthipatti, 39 km from Gunaseelam, 34 km from Namakkal, 95 km from Erode, 65 km from Trichy, and 354 miles from Chennai. It is a well-known Vaishnava shrine.

This hill was named from its resemblance to a human head. Siragiri is another name for this hill. Nallendra Perumal, a form of Lord Vishnu, is the temple’s presiding deity. Venkatachalapathy, Alamelu Mangai Thayaar, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Sri Devi, Bhudevi, Lord Anjaneya, Garudazhvar, and Karupanna Swami all have shrines here. If one prays to Lord Nallend and takes a holy bath in the Kannimar Sunai,

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