St. John’s Vestry Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is a school located in Tiruchirappalli , Tamil Nadu. 

It is one of the oldest school in Tamil Nadu. It first served as an orphanage for children of British soldiers, but later established itself as a school and moved to its current location. It has a long history and rich in Anglo-Indian tradition dating back to three centuries.

This school was started on 1763 by the British, it was first held inside the vestry room of St. John’s church. (A vestry room is the room where a priest changes his clothes to ceremonial robes.)

When the school started it covered only a small area of land at the current location, but expanded so that the campus now has separate buildings within the campus for year 1 to year 8 (Junior and Sub Junior block) and year 9 to year 12 (Senior and Super Senior block). The school has montessori facilities in a separate building.

St. Johns Vestry Anglo Higher Secondary School also has boarding facilities for students from distant places.


 Cantonment, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620001

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