The Puliyancholai Falls, located at the foothills of the Kolli Hill, are about 75 kilometres from Tiruchirappalli. The climb to the falls passes through undisturbed natural terrains of pebbled streams and the famed Pithukkuli Cave, and when you reach the plain at the top, you’ll find guava, fenugreek, garlic, paddy, maze, jack fruits, orange, and tamarind plantations.

The water at the Puliyancholai Falls is regarded to have medical characteristics because it is one of the purest sources of water in the region, and many residents come here just for a peaceful soak. There are a few snack stores, small restaurants, tea booths, motels, and businesses selling locally created products in the area.

Entrance of Puliyancholai

Puliyancholai Hotel

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