Naveen Garden-digitaltrichy
Naveen Garden located at C.Krishnapuram, Mavilipatty Panchayat Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District, Musiri, Trichy – 621211
In order to promote agrotourism and integrated farming practises,Trips to this location have been organised by numerous schools, colleges, and members of the general public to help them better understand agriculture, biodiversity, farm life, exotic species, and rural living. A variety of traditional activities, tractor and bullock cart rides, and regional food are available to give visitors a taste of village life. There is a garden with numerous floral plant species, as well as water plants. More than 50,000 students, 20,000 farmers, and 15,000 members of the general public have benefited from this training facility. Naveen Garden practises integrated farming, combining several agricultural activities wisely, such as raising cattle, poultry, and fish, among others. We have a wide variety of domestic, native, and exotic plant and animal species. Everyone has the opportunity. There is a framhouse and tree house to stay in rent with fully furniture.