Tourist places in Trichy

Trichy has so many tourist attractions. Once you visit Trichy, you can explore lots of things like parks, rivers, dams, and falls; so many visiting places to wonder. Trichy is a central part of Tamilnadu, like the heart of Tamilnadu, commonly known as Thrichirapalli. Let me explain the enjoyable tourist places in Trichy.

Tourist Places in Trichy
1.Kauvery River

2.Mukkombu Dam



5.Pachamalai Hills

6.Butterfly Park

7.Railway Museum

8.Kolli Hills

Kauvery River

It’s purely natural water coming from the Okkeynakkal hills, the longest-running river in Tamilnadu. In Trichy, it nearly passes by half a km.

Location to visit: Kauvery Bridge

Mukkombu Dam

The Upper Great Anicut, also known as Mukkombu Dam, was constructed from 1836 to 1838 by Arthur Cotton. This is a famous part of Trichy. It connects the Kauvery and Kollidam rivers. It is a peaceful and enjoyable place among families.

Location to visit: 18 km from Chathira


It was constructed by the great Karikala Cholan nearly 2000 years ago. It is one of the oldest dams and a popular tourist place in Trichy. It is the strongest dam.

Location to visit: 10 km from Chathiram

It is a familiar and the most popular tourist place in Trichy. There are falls and hills to visit.

Location to visit: Trichy to Puliyamcholai 74 km

Pachamalai Hills

Most of the tourists refer to this place. So many beautiful falls are located here, like the Koraiyar Falls, Mangalam Aruvi Falls, and Myiloothu Falls, most visiting places.

Location to visit: Trichy to Thuraiyur 96 km

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is regarded as one of the largest in Asia. It is one of the best places for families and children to enjoy. It is a famous park for tourists to visit.

Location to visit: Trichy to Srirangam 37 km

Railway Museum

Constructed on an area over 9000 square feet, it features the biggest toy train and a collection from the British rule using photograph collection, maps, gazettes, railway manuals, and books. It is mainly created for educational ideas for school and college students to explore the museum.

Opening time: 9.30 am to 5 pm

Kolli Hills

It is a famous and beautiful place. Most visitors, particularly college students and families, come to enjoy this place.

Location to Visit: Trichy to Namakkal 139 km

The Kolli Hills mean the mountain of death. The hills are almost over 1000 to 1300 meters in height and cover more than 280 square kilometers. You will encounter 70 hairpin bends.

So, these places are famous in Trichy’s surrounding areas. You can go and explore the famous places with your friends and family and enjoy them.

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