Falls nearby Trichy


Falls nearby Trichy:

Today, we’ll review a hill station roughly two hours away from Trichy. This place, called Pachamalai Hills, is located near Thuraiyur. However, it remains untouched by nature’s hand. It’s a fully reserved forest area accessible via 17 hairpin bends.

Methagam viewpoint is the first sight upon reaching Pachamalai Hills. Spacious car parking is available at this viewpoint for sightseeing. There are no hotels around the hills, so bringing your own food is recommended. The road is narrow, so be cautious while traveling. Lush greenery surrounds the area, hence the name “Pachaimalai.”

The greenery and mountains are visible from any direction. This is an undeveloped tourist spot, perfect for those who enjoy nature’s essence, trekking, camping, and tranquility. I highly recommend visiting this place with family and friends at least once in your lifetime. The locals primarily rely on agriculture for their livelihood, cultivating cashew nuts, rice, and more.

Once you reach the top of the hill, the village of Sengattupatti is the main area. Transportation from there is quite good. Mangalam Falls is one of the important sightseeing places. They are constructing a road nearby, approximately 1.5 kilometers long, to reach Mangalam Falls. Entry fee: 25.

How to reach this place:

It should take about 1 hour and 1 minute and cover 46.9 kilometers to drive from Trichy to Thuraiyur. From there, it should take about 26 minutes and cover 14.2 kilometers to drive from Thuraiyur to Pachamalai.

Best Time to Visit:

December to March.